The Five Pillars

Funding – Our funding team is very active in the Maker community and as such has been instrumental in initiating funds for this project through the angel community. Just as we have volunteers to develop the program we have angels who have contributed to the program. The entities represented on this team are the University of Akron Research Foundation and think[box] from Case Western Reserve.

Gateways – The Gateway is the front end of the system. It receives the wireless data from the LoRaWAN products and re-packetizes the data for the internet. We have a number of volunteers on this team from Aclara RF (experience in RF deployment), Bird Electronics (RF test equipment), and Embedded Planet (design and manufacture of IOT Gateways). Their job has been to identify the site for maximum coverage in each deployment.

Marketing – Our marketing team is in charge of web development and getting the word out about training classes and hackathons. The marketing team is lead by Arrow Electronics and includes Laird Corporation and Leandog.

Big Data – Big data includes the Network Server and Application servers. The Network Server is hosted by Arrow Electronics and decides whether the LoRa data is valid. If the data is valid the Network server packetizes the data and transfers it to the Application Server. The Application Server will either show the data in the cloud or provide another service to close the process loop.

Development tools – The development boards, designed by Tiny Circuits, are Arduino™ boards featuring a Laird LoRaWAN transceiver and a common sensor input. There is an ecosystem to support the development process with example code. These boards are Powered by Energizer.